French and Indian Naval Forces forge stronger ties with joint exercises at INS Dega

To improve maritime interoperability, French Atlantique-2 and the Indian Navy’s P8I conduct combined training at INS Dega. The Indo-French partnership represents a dedication to diplomatic relations, peace, and stability throughout the Indo-Pacific region.

The crews of the two French aircraft, the Atlantique-2 Maritime Patrol Aircraft and the Airbus A400 French Transport Aircraft, were cordially welcomed by the Eastern Naval Command of the Indian Navy at INS Dega in Visakhapatnam. The ongoing cooperation between the French and Indian fleets, which aims to improve interoperability through bilateral exercises, has reached a major turning point with this visit.

Run by the French Navy’s Flottille 23F, the Atlantique-2 and its experienced aircrew will conduct business with the Indian Navy’s Dornier Squadron, INAS 311, which is based at INS Dega. The primary objective is to promote understanding between stakeholders and lay the foundation for harmonious cross-domain activities.


The French Atlantique-2 and the Indian Navy’s P8I Long Range Maritime Patrol aircraft have been working together to conduct joint drills over the Bay of Bengal. These cooperative exercises aim to improve interoperability and foster synergy, facilitating smooth operations in the maritime sector.

Given that French naval capabilities are present in the Indian Ocean highlights how crucial cooperative efforts are becoming to maintaining peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific area. The French and Indian fleets’ cooperation is a symbol of their ongoing commitment to serving as “Net Security Providers” in the area and presents a unified front for preserving security and peace.

Apart from the strategic consequences, these cooperative Indo-French exercises act as an understanding link between France and India. In addition to reinforcing diplomatic ties, meetings between the naval forces help lay the groundwork for future collaboration and confidence.