Retail Gold Price Today: Precious metal ranges around Rs. 7,345 / 10 gms across major Indian cities

Retail Gold price today on June 25, 2024

The gold market in India appears to have found a level of stability, with prices for 24 karat purity converging around the Rs. 7,345 per 10 grams mark across major cities.


Retail Gold price today: Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad and other major cities

Lucknow currently posts the highest rate for 24K gold at Rs. 7,345.8 per 10 grams, closely followed by Mumbai at Rs. 7,345.7 per 10 grams. Kolkata trails slightly behind with gold priced at Rs. 7,345.4 per 10 grams.

Bengaluru currently offers the most competitive rate among major cities, with 24K gold available at Rs. 7,345.0 per 10 grams, albeit by a narrow margin.

In the western region, Ahmedabad quotes 24K gold at Rs. 7,345.3 per 10 grams. The national capital Delhi and the southern metro Chennai are both seeing identical rates of Rs. 7,345.2 per 10 grams.

This convergence in gold prices across different regions indicates a period of relative calm in the precious metals market. The minimal price variations between cities suggest that local factors are having less impact on rates than national and global trends.

Market analysts attribute this stability to a balance between various economic factors, including steady currency exchange rates, consistent international gold prices, and equilibrium in domestic demand and supply.

For consumers, especially those planning purchases for the upcoming festive and wedding seasons, this stability provides an opportunity to make informed decisions without the pressure of rapidly fluctuating prices.

Note: The retail gold prices are derived from benchmark rates in major bullion markets, with factors like local taxes, making charges, and premiums by jewellers influencing the prices across different cities.

Industry experts suggest tracking retail rates closely, as gold prices often fluctuate based on global cues, currency movements, and demand-supply dynamics in the domestic market.