Hyundai to update EV software addressing brake light safety concerns: Report

Hyundai is taking measures to address a potential safety concern related to the brake lights on its electric vehicles (EVs). Reports have indicated that EVs from Hyundai Motor Group, including Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis models, can come to a complete stop without the brake lights illuminating due to the “one-pedal-driving” feature that utilizes regenerative braking. This raised concerns as other drivers might not be aware of the deceleration or stop.

In response, Hyundai has officially announced plans to update the software on its EVs. The updated software will ensure that the brake lights activate when the deceleration rate exceeds approximately 0.13 G, regardless of the accelerator pedal input. However, it is still unclear whether the software update will be remotely available to Hyundai EV owners or if they will need to visit a dealership for the fix.


While the issue has been acknowledged by Hyundai and Kia, there is no information regarding its impact on Genesis models, the premium brand of the Hyundai Motor Group. Hyundai’s prompt action demonstrates its commitment to prioritizing safety and improving the functionality of their EVs.