Ferrari to launch its first-ever electric car in 2025; Everything we know so far

Ferrari has confirmed the upcoming debut of its first battery-electric vehicle (BEV), which is set to be released in late 2025. This marks an important development for the Italian carmaker, which has long been recognized for high-performance gasoline engines and their unique sound.

Details remain unknown, but Ferrari has hinted at a novel approach to the electric driving experience. “The car will make some noise, both literally and figuratively,” said Emanuele Carando, Ferrari’s Product Marketing and Marketing Intelligence Director. According to Drive, the electric Ferrari may have a distinct sound signature, though the specifics have not been revealed.


He noted that it will be a “true Ferrari,” although it’s uncertain what kind of sound it will produce. Carando highlighted that the sound will be “authentic,” attempting to capture the spirit of a Ferrari while recognizing the change to electric power. This “true Ferrari” EV is also promised to provide a unique driving experience different from the brand’s current offerings.

The unnamed model’s design remains a secret. Production is set to start at a new site in Maranello, Italy. Initial projections indicate that EVs will represent 5% of Ferrari sales in 2026, the EV’s first full year on the market.

Despite the electric push, Ferrari guarantees enthusiasts that the famous V12 engine will continue to be offered until regulatory limits force its discontinuation. The customer will ultimately decide whether to purchase an electric, plug-in hybrid, or pure gasoline Ferrari.