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Bike lovers must know about the top 5 most expensive bikes in the world

Are you crazy about bikes, well, if yes, here’s a list of the top 5 most wonderful & expensive bikes around the globe. Check it out.

Guys are often keen on bikes. Even some just love to collect the updated models. Well, keeping the same in mind, some of the renowned companies have manufactured utterly stylish bikes loaded with enthralling designs.

So, the information is all for you if you’ve got a special interest in bikes, too. Let’s get started.

  1. Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter- One of the most wonderful bikes which has an attractive design, too. It was manufactured by Confederate motor co. The bike is all geared up to make you experience an adventurous journey. Also, the cost is $110,000.
  2. Coventry Eagle- As the name sounds engrossing, so is the bike. It was developed by Royal Eagle Company. The bike is designated beautifully along with an extremely fetching color combination. Though, those who deem ‘old is gold’ will adore the bike as it’s a very old bike of the company. The price of the bike is $120,000.
  3. Ecosse FE Ti XX- The bike is quite expensive but it is indeed worth the expense. Ecosse engine plants have made a gigantic contribution to the titanium series of which previously, bikes were selected as the best bike of the year. The bike is loaded with a heavy and wonderful design. Also, the very engrossing fact is that it is one of the fastest bikes in the world. It is worth $300,000.
  4. Harley Davidson Rocker- One of the beautiful bikes of which looks are jaw-dropping, forsooth. The bike was adapted from a renowned German company named ‘House of Thunder’. You’ll never regret buying it as the details are not under the wraps now. Go ahead, make your choices. well, the bike is worth $ 130,000.
  5. Gold plated custom chopper- Costing $500,000, it is one of the bikes with incredible designs. With its shiny body that is all gold plated, it will definitely make add up to your collection. Actually, it is more of a showpiece rather than on the roads.