Renowned designer Satya Paul passes away


Satya Paul, founder of an ethnic brand of the same name passed away on 6th January 2021 in Coimbatore. He was 79-years old at the time of his passing. He suffered a stroke in December and was moved to Isha Yoga Center before his demise.

Puneet Nanda his son said, “He had a stroke on 2nd December 2020 and as he was slowly recovering in the hospital. His only wish was to get all the things he was being monitored and poked with (in the hospital) removed so that he could fly away. We finally got clearance from doctors to take him back to Isha Yoga Center, his some since 2015.”

He added, “Most people are not aware that more than as a designer or an entrepreneur, he has been steadfastly a seeker. In the 70s, his inner journey started as he attended talks given by philosopher J. Krishnamurti. Later, he sought an audience from Osho. After Osho left in 1990, though he wasn’t seeking another Master, he discovered Sadhguru in 2007. He immediately started enjoying the path of yoga and eventually moved here in 2015.”

This unfortunate news was also shared by designer Divyam Mehta on social media. To Divyam Mehta, Satya Paul was a guide, mentor and his maternal uncle.

Divyam said, “My maternal grandfather was in the business of restaurants and it was my uncle who introduced textiles, design and fashion to the family. My uncle, Satya Paul, took up textiles and fashion. He was always very forward in his thinking and when I told him that I want to pursue fashion designing, he stood by me, guiding me in the right direction. He did not want me to be his shadow, but wanted me to curve my own path.”