James Bond: Supporting characters that deserved a comeback!

Here are some supporting characters of James Bond that definitely deserved to be revived in his series, but never did.

The legacy of Bond continues to etch history, but for a few years, the franchise has been rather disappointing. But, what’s more, heart-breaking is, to see the carousel of remarkable figures never making it back to the big screen. James Bond’s life is a fast and dangerous ride. With that being said, it is obvious many come and leave.

While there were plans to see some of these side characters returning in future films, fate and other factors did not allow this to happen, and the audience had to deal with their absence.

Here are some characters that definitely deserved to be revived, but never did:

  1. Sylvia Trench
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The character was played by the late Eunice Gayson, who is a recurring love interest of James Bond. Sylvia was scrapped from an appearance in Goldfinger in a decision made by director Guy Hamilton, and there was a larger plan that would have seen the character play a more crucial role.

While she was meant to be a part of the first six James Bond films, Diana Rigg’s Tracy Bond but never made the cut.

2. Major Anya Amasova

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Major Anya Amasova was a lead character in The Spy Who Loved Me, codename “Triple X,” and was a formidable partner for Roger Moore’s 007. Played by actress Barbara Bach, Anya was supposed to make a cameo appearance in 1979’s Moonraker, and if this had come to pass, she would have been shown as a lover to General Gogol.

But, due to unknown reasons, this never happened. At the time, Barbra was busy shooting for multiple films in a course of 1978 and 1979. Perhaps, it was her tight schedule that held Bach from making it to the franchise.

3. General Leonid Pushkin

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John Rhys-Davies’ General Leonid Pushkin appeared his last in The Living Daylights, and could have returned in a brief scene where James Bond not only helps him select superior caviar, he also grills him on the death of a defecting KGB spy.

4. Colonel Wai Lin

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Colonel Wai Lin is the ever first ethnic Chinese Bond girl, who appeared in 1997’s Tomorrow Never Dies. Played by Michele Yeoh, the character received critical acclaim and was widely regarded as of the best bond girls in the franchise. Being added to the halls of Bond Women who weren’t mere spectators to the action, Yeoh was to receive a planned spinoff that producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson were intent on getting into the works. However, the scheduling conflicts with the actress were to blame for this never coming to pass.

5. Giacinta “Jinx” Johnson

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Giacinta “Jinx” Johnson was played by Halle Berry and she first appeared in Die Another Day. The actress went on to be the first heroic African-American Bond girl and has received critical acclaim. Reports suggest that if Jinx had gone ahead, longtime Bond series writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade would have shown us Jinx’s tragic origins, through the death of her parents.

6. Camille Montes

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Camille Montes played by Olga Kurylenko was the Bondwoman who helped 007 get over his heartbreak, while also exposing the terror network that was Quantum in 2008’s Quantum of Solace. But will she ever make a comeback? If speculations from the time of that film’s promotion were true, Camille could have come back for more fun in the Bond film that followed.

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