Uttar Pradesh introduces the New Population Policy

The major takeaway in the new policy is to build a comprehensive arrangement for the care of the elderly. Besides, better management of education, health, and nutrition of adolescents between 11 to 19 years. 

11 July is observed as World Population Day. Uttar Pradesh is set to introduce the New Population Policy 2021-2030 on this occasion.  The state is considered to be the most populous state in India.

With this New Population Policy, efforts will be made to increase the accessibility of contraceptive measures issued under the Family Planning Program. The policy looks forward to providing a proper system for safe abortions.


A draft law has been formulated by the Uttar Pradesh Health Department. It is prepared through the findings of the National Family Health Survey-4, as cited by NEWS18.

The major takeaway in the new policy is to build a comprehensive arrangement for the care of the elderly. Besides, better management of education, health, and nutrition of adolescents between 11 to 19 years.

What does the new policy state?

The draft law in accordance with the new policy put forward several incentives and disincentives for upholding the two-child norm in the state.

Incentives will be facilitated to the people who abide by the two-child norm by undergoing voluntary sterilization operation upon himself or spouse. Through this, a soft loan for building or purchasing a house at a nominal rate of interest will be provided. It will further put a rebate on charges for utilities like water, electricity, and house tax.

The draft law clarifies that whosoever fails to follow the two-child norms will be excluded from the government-sponsored welfare schemes. They will also be eliminated to contest elections to local bodies. Further, they will be ineligible for government jobs under the state government, cannot achieve promotion in government Jobs, his/her ration card will be restricted for four people coupled with being disentitled to receive any kind of government subsidy.

When will the law be enforced? 

The UP government’s law commission released the final draft of UP population (Control, Stabilization and Welfare) Bill 2021.

The new law will be in effect following a year from the date of publication in the Gazette. As per a report, the law will look for public suggestions and will then revisited by the law commission. If any changes are made, they will be put in the public domain.

This provision of legislation will be applicable to married couples where the boy is not less than 21 years of age and girls are above 18 years of age.

What are the objectives of the new policy?

On the new policy, the Chief Minister of the state Yogi Adityanath expressed that efforts should be implemented to ensure demographic balance in all the communities. In addition, he underlined the availability of health facilities aiming to bring down the maternal and child mortality rate to a minimum level through proper nutrition.

In regard to these policies, targets have been laid down in different parameters in two phases for 2026 and 2030.

In the morning the Chief Minister of the state tweeted defining population as ‘the root of major problems in the society’. Furthermore, he urged people to take pledges against it.

Apart from Uttar Pradesh, the Assam government may also introduce new two-child legislation in the coming month budget session of the state assembly to enforce it widely.

According to the latest reports, following the launch of the New population policy, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath emphasized on the matter of birth control and the significance of ‘sustainable developments’.

While addressing the event, the Chief Minister voiced, ” Rising population is impacting the growth trajectory. I am happy to release the new population policy 2021-2030.” Further, he explained that the population control is directly related to awareness among the people. Besides, population growth and poverty are directly related. He added, ” ‘Hum Do, Hamare do’ the policy should take in consideration all section of the society.”

Yogi Adityanath underscored the need to focus on specific areas and then go in for awareness campaign. He informed that as compared to the National growth rate of 2.7 up has the growth rate of 3.1. Uttar Pradesh needs to put more effort to achieve the national goal. He stressed that inter departmental coordination is required for the success of population policy.

Uttar Pradesh, Health Minister, Jai Pratap Singh voiced, “UP has a population of 23.40 crore . The new population policy is prepared for 2021-2030. We will aim at curbing the population through awareness. Population control is a national and world issue.” Furthermore, he stated that the state looks forward to meet a stability by 2050 through the new measures for awareness and encouragements.

Yogi Adityanath further assured that every community has been taken care of in population policy 2021-2030. The Chief Minister encouraged, ” Let us, on this ‘World Population Day’ take pledge to make oueselves and the society aware of problems arising from the increasing population.”  He also notified that there should be a gap in between two children, in respect to control the population of the state.

Through this policy, the government aims to bring down the birth rate to 2.1 per thousand population by 2026, following 1.9 by 2030. As far as the reports are concerned, the state’s fertility rate is 2.7 per cent at present.