Shiv Sena criticises the Modi Government on the agriculture bills and the economy through Saamana

Shiv Sena’s mouthpiece raised numerous questions on the Modi-government.

In Saamana, Shiv Sena’s mouthpiece, the party raised numerous questions on the Modi-government.

On Harsimrat Kaur and Shiromani Akali Dal, they said, “Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) member Harsimrat Kaur Badal has resigned from the Union Cabinet. The Modi government brought two anti-farmers bills (in Parliament) and she resigned in protest. Her resignation has been accepted. The Shiv Sena has already walked out of the NDA and now comes the SAD’s move.”


On the agriculture bills and the economy, the piece said, “Like Maharashtra, Punjab is an agrarian economy. Hence, before introducing the farmers” Bills, the government should have held talks with the representatives of farmers” organisations and agriculture experts in Maharashtra, Punjab and the rest of the country. The government says that the new system would benefit farmers. Even if one believes it to be true, what was the harm in holding consultations with a few leading farmer leaders in the country? It should have at least held talks with NCP chief Sharad Pawar.

But this government has nothing to do with the words ”dialogue” or ”consultation”

“The Centre is pushing for privatisation of airports, Air India, ports, railways, insurance companies, and also giving control of farmers” lives to traders and private players. The Modi government’s policies regarding the economy, trade, agriculture create doubts.”

Saamana also compared the current BJP-NDA to previous NDA governments and said, “During the time of Vajpayee and Advani, the NDA allies used to be treated with respect, affection and trust. There used to be consultations on policy decisions and BJP leaders would hear out the views of the allies. In those times, spoken word had value.”