Parliament Monsoon Session: PM asks opposition to ask hardest questions

Ahead of the monsoon session, PM Modi told the
opposition members to maintain a peaceful atmosphere.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi noted at the beginning of the Parliament Monsoon Session by urging the opposition members to ask the sharpest questions but also maintain a peaceful atmosphere so that the government can respond.

He urged all the MPs and all the parties to ask the most difficult questions in the Houses but it should also allow the government to share its response. He urged to bring more discipline in the Houses and end the chaos. He added, “This will boost the democracy, strengthen people’s trust and improve the pace of development.”


He further said that he hopes to address every issue related to the pandemic and our fight against it. He also asked the floor leaders prepare a presentation on the COVID-19 situation and attend a session tomorrow at 4 pm.

Ahead of the session, Prime Minister Modi also addressed the media and urged the masses to get vaccinated speedily and follow the COVID protocols strictly.

PM said to the MPs to carry on debates with priority given to the COVID situation and make this monsoon session fruitful with effective debates and satisfactory answers to the masses.

The Opposition parties have decided to raise three key issues in the House in order to get answers from the government. The three issues are the ongoing farmers’ agitation, rising fuel prices, and the management of the Covid-19 pandemic, including the Centre’s vaccination strategy.