PM Modi in Lumbini: Lord Ram is incomplete without Nepal

“Lord Ram is incomplete without Nepal,” Prime Minister Modi remarked during his address from the country. On the occasion of Buddha Jayanti, the Prime Minister paid a visit to Nepal.

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Lumbini to enhance India-Nepal ties. “Lord Ram is incomplete without Nepal”. Prime Minister Modi remarked during his address from the country. On the occasion of Buddha Jayanti, the Prime Minister paid a visit to Nepal.

When it comes to India-Nepal ties, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that when a temple dedicated to Lord Ram is built in India. The people are equally thrilled. The Prime Minister told the citizens that he had remarked in Janakpur that “Ram is incomplete without Nepal.”

“I know that when a temple of Lord Ram is built in India. The people of Nepal are as happy as us”. PM Modi said. Janakpur is thought to be the birthplace of the Hindu deity Sita, Lord Ram’s bride, in Nepal.

According to a famous Nepalese tourism entrepreneur. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first visit to Lord Buddha’s birthplace Lumbini is expected to provide a much-needed boost to Nepal’s tourism sector. Which is still reeling from the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak.

Modi visits Lumbini

On the festival of Buddha Purnima on Monday, Modi paid a day-long visit to Lumbini at the request of his Nepalese counterpart Sher Bahadur Deuba.

In Lumbini, Prime Minister Modi and Deuba lay the foundation stone for the India International Centre for Buddhist Culture and Heritage, which would be technologically enhanced.

When finished, the Centre will be a world-class institution that will welcome pilgrims. And tourists from all over the world to experience the essence of Buddhist spirituality while reflecting India’s expanding soft power.

According to Bikram Pandey, a tourist entrepreneur and goodwill ambassador for the Lumbini Development Trust, Modi’s visit to Lumbini has delivered a positive message to Nepal’s tourism sector, which is reeling from the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

According to Pandey, Modi’s statement that he is “honoured to be in Lumbini, to pay reverence at the sacred site of Lord Buddha’s birth” will help promote pilgrimage tourism in Nepal.

The prime minister’s visit has conveyed a message to all Buddhist pilgrims around the world. Instructing them to visit Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha. Before travelling to Bodh Gaya in Bihar, Sarnath and Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh. And other significant places related with Buddha’s life, he said.

Lumbini, in the Terai plains of southern Nepal, is one of Buddhism’s holiest sites. Lord Buddha acquired enlightenment in Bodhgaya. Whereas he presented his first sermon. After obtaining enlightenment in Sarnath, around 12 kilometres from the old temple town of Varanasi. After his death, he is said to have gained Mahaparinirvana at Kushinagar.

Modi has come to Nepal not just as India’s Prime Minister, but also as the leader and guide of 1.3 billion Indians, according to Pandey, who believes that his Lumbini visit has given Nepal’s religious tourism a new dimension.

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