PM Modi: After Shramjeevi & Buddhijeevi, we now have new Jamaat called Andolanjeevi

On Monday, while addressing the Rajya Sabha, PM Narendra Modi coined a new term for a section of people who hold protests and tagged them as ‘Andolanjeevi’. PM said, “Entire world is looking at India with hope. We have heard of these terms like Shramjeevi and Buddhijeevi, but I’ve been noticing that a new section of society – Jamaat (community) has emerged, they are called Andolanjeevi. And we all can see these people everywhere be it lawyers’ protests or students’ protests. They have a conspiracy to destabilize India by protesting on everything. People need to identify those faces”.

PM Modi further talked about Farmers’ issues by assuring them about Minimum Support Price (MSP), he said, “MSP was there. MSP is there. MSP will remain in the future”.

“We are constantly speaking with farmers and there has been no strain or tension and we are going back and forth and urging protesters to end the agitation and to send the elderlies home. It is time to move forward and not push the country backwards, we should give chance to these reforms and see if they benefit or not. If there is a lack, we will fix and once again assure mandis will be modern, more competitive and MSP will continue to remain,” PM Modi says Rajya Sabha.

PM further speaks about some internal affairs, “We must not forget what happened with Punjab. It suffered the most during partition. It cried the most during the 1984 Riots. They became victims of the most painful incidents. Innocents were killed in J&K. Business of weapons was carried out in northeast. All this affected the nation”.

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