PM Modi addresses the India Toy Fair 2021, suggests manufacturers to go eco-friendly

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today on Saturday addressed the India Toy Fair 2021 where he encouraged toy manufacturers to use more eco-friendly materials and to tone down the use of plastics. This message aligns with the one he gave on February 27, 2021, where he talked about policies that were being put into place to eliminate the application of single-use plastics by December 2021.

As per the Economic Times, the Prime Minister, advocating the slogan ‘vocal for local’ said, “if there is a demand of Made in India today, then the demand of Handmade in India is also increasing equally. So we have to promote Handmade In India as well.”


PM Modi noted that 85% of the toys that are sold in the country are imported, out of which 90% of those toys are imported from China and Taiwan.
The need to flatten these overwhelming ratios are also backed by a study done by the Quality Council of India (QCI) which revealed that 67% of imported toys do not meet the safety ratings and protocols.

This address by the Prime Minister is in the view of the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ scheme which aims at making India a self-reliant nation by boosting local Industrious Growth with respect to the Gandhian set of Directive Principles of State Policy given in the Constitution.