Noida woman assault, accused arrested by Noida police

Noida Women assault case accused arrested by Noida police, full investigation results are still awaited.

In the recent Noida woman assault and abuse case the police arrested the accused BJP leader Shrikant Tyagi and three of his associates on August 9, 2022. The authorities had skimmed through all the parts of the residence before making the arrest. Earlier the police had taken the BJP leader’s wife along with them for questioning and seized a four-wheeler that the leader owned.

Tyagi was running away when a video showed him beating a lady who lived in his housing society. The video went viral which showcased his gruesome crime. A reward of Rs 25,000 had been offered by the Noida Police for information that resulted in Tyagi’s capture.


Although Tyagi claims to have been a part of the BJP the party denies his involvement. UP Chief Minister Yogi Adutyanath has also asked for reports for on the incident. CM has also reassured that the matter will be dealt with seriously and at the earliest and Tyagi will be punished. In the viral video, Tyagi was seen shouting with a Noida housing society member after she objected to the BJP leader’s planting of several trees, claiming a breach of the regulations.

The said woman in the video informed that “Shrikant Tyagi lives on the ground floor in this society. He was encroaching upon the plants here and I asked him to remove the plants. At this, he said, ‘If you touch the plants then I will touch you.’ He abused me a lot and abused my husband and my child.”

Tyagi has been charged with IPC Code Section 354(assault or use of criminal force against a woman with the intent of causing outrage). The police are also trying to slap him with Gnaster Act due to his intent and behaviour in the case.