‘No one needs to panic’: Cops amid evacuations at Mumbai airport as flyers fume

A mock drill is being conducted at Mumbai international airport. No one needs to panic.

On Saturday morning, Mumbai airport’s Terminal 2 was removed for a mock drill.  Saying by News agency ANI an official of the Mumbai Police quoted “A mock drill is being conducted at Mumbai international airport. No one needs to panic.”

Urging people not to panic as several photographs on social media showed passengers being moved out of the area.


The Authorities assured that the mock drill was not expected to affect the flight schedule, as several passengers did not know about the evacuation process. “Simulated mock drill exercise as per scheduled security protocols.” “The mock drill was held this morning at Terminal 2 location in collaboration with (the) CSMIA’s multiple stakeholders,” officials at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) said on Twitter.

The television show consultant Siddhartha Basu and journalist Cyrus Dhabhar and several other passengers said the Mumbai airport evacuation led to complete disorder and claimed that COVID-19 protocols were disobeyed during the process.

Siddhartha Basu an Indian television producer-director tweeted, “Total chaos at T2 Mumbai airport with the sudden announcement of the mock drill with total evacuation. Stuck & suffocating in a crowded bus on the tarmac for the last 30 min, along with about 15 other buses. No AC, no information. Complete Covid trap. Irresponsible & dangerous.”

About the delay was asked by Arcelor Mittal Nippon Steel’s chief marketing officer, Ranjan Dhar. “@CSMIA_Official can you inform if the operations are normal now? My senior citizen parents are traveling and they are anxious – communication helps,” Ranjan Dhar tweeted.

There was a threat to Mumbai airport, according to the tweet of some of the passengers. All the complaints and concerns were replied to by  CSMIA, through its Twitter handle about the completion of the Mumbai airport evacuation drill.

As travel restrictions were lifted in various states, Mumbai’s international airport saw an upward trend in passenger traffic. Between August 16 and August 22, about 316,118 passengers passed security checkpoints at CSMIA which is six times more than that of the last year. Between July 31 and August 6 last year, only 55,875 traveled due to COVID-19 related lockdown restrictions.