Modi government increases MSP for Rabi crops for market season 2024-25, Details here

PM Modi said that the decision by the Cabinet to increase MSP of Rabi crops will increase the income of farmers and will ensure food security at the same time.

Modi government has given a huge Diwali gift to crores of farmers across the country. On Wednesday, the Central Government decided to increase the Minimum Support Prices (MSP) for all Rabi crops for the financial year 2024-25. The MSP of wheat is increased to Rs 150 per quintal and the new price will be ₹2,275.

The Cabinet has approved the increase in MSP from 2% to 7%. The Cabinet has decided to increase the MSP of six Rabi crops. The highest increase has been made in the MSP of lentils. This is the biggest increase so far after the Modi government came to power in 2014. This announcement of the government before the elections of five states is also being seen from the electoral point of view.


“Government has increased the MSP of Rabi Crops for Marketing Season 2024-25, to ensure remunerative prices to the growers for their produce. The absolute highest increase in MSP has been approved for lentil (masur) at Rs.425 per quintal followed by rapeseed & mustard at Rs.200 per quintal. For wheat and safflower, an increase of Rs.150 per quintal each has been approved. For barley and gram an increase of Rs.115 per quintal and Rs.105 per quintal respectively, has been approved,” said Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare in a statement.

On this move by the Cabinet, PM Modi said that it will increase the income of farmers and will ensure food security at the same time. In a social media post on X, PM Modi wrote: “In this festive season, our government has taken a very important step for the small and poor farmer brothers and sisters. Keeping their interests in mind, the MSP of many Rabi crops including wheat, gram and lentils has been increased. With this important decision, while the income of our farmers will increase, the food security of the country will also be strengthened.”

Minimum Support Prices for all Rabi crops for Marketing Season 2024-25:

Apart from this, the Center also announced an increase in the dearness allowance of central employees. The new rate of DA will be considered applicable from July 1. This means that employees will also get arrears of 4 months. The 42 percent DA that the employees were getting till now will now be 46 percent. It is noteworthy that pensioners will also get its benefit.