Market to become less volatile with every passing election phase: S Jaishankar

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on May 13 spoke about the recent volatility in the stock market, which has been due to the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

In a press conference, held in National Stock Exchange in Mumbai, the BJP leader gave his assurance that the markets will turn less and less volatile with each passing rounds of the elections.


Ahead of the elections, volatility in the markets has increased. The Nifty VIX index has increased 22 per cent in the last five days. For the unversed, an increase in VIX generally indicates the rise in volatility.

Jaishankar also asserted that he is witnessing greater enthusiasm for private investments in the country and after the election outcome, the investments will be strengthened further. “I definitely see much more foreign investment coming in, but right now investors are waiting for June 4 outcome and then they will take a call,” he stated.

He also stated that the world is currently looking for more production sources, which is to ultimate de-risk the global economy. Explaining further, the minister of external affair said that instead of a single geography of production, the world is looking for more supply chains, such as producers of semi- conductor chips.