Kerala Magistrate grants bail to KT Ramees for Gold Smuggling Case

Kerala Chief Judicial Magistrate grants bail to KT Ramees for the Kerala Gold Smuggling Case.

The Chief Judicial Magistrate of Kochi, Kerala, has granted bail to KT Ramees, an accused individual in the Kerala Gold Smuggling Case. He was arrested from Vettathur in Malappuram on July 12.


The bail followed Ramees’ hospitalization in Thrissur Medical College Hospital. He was admitted and had stomach pain. Prison officers and nurses were monitoring his communications with any strangers or persons in the hospital.
 Kerala Gold Smuggling Case is where 30 kilograms of gold worth Rs 14.82 crores, smuggled in and camouflaged as baggage, was found by the Customs in Thiruvananthapuram on July 5.