Heavily investing in infrastructure to generate jobs in Uttarakhand: Prime Minister Modi

In addition to creating a variety of job opportunities, PM Modi said today that his administration is actively investing in infrastructure in Uttarakhand to make life easy for people who live in far-flung locations.

“We have to change the old perception that ‘pahad ka paani aur pahad ki jawani pahad ke kaam nahi aati’. We have to change this. That is why it has been a continuous effort by the Central Govt that the youth of Uttarakhand & our young generation return to their villages,” stated Prime Minister Modi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that his administration is making significant investments in Uttarakhand’s infrastructure to improve living for those who live in rural places and generate a variety of job possibilities while launching the Uttarakhand Rozgar Mela. through video conference. The government’s Rozgar Mela plan aims to create 1 lakh positions at the federal level. During video conferencing, Prime Minister Modi delivered 71,000 appointment letters as part of Rozgar Mela. During the occasion, he also spoke with the appointees.


The Prime Minister observed that the newly appointed officials’ faces betrayed satisfaction and contentment, despite the fact that the majority of these candidates originate from common backgrounds and that many are the first in their families to hold a government position in five generations.

It extends beyond obtaining a government position, according to the prime minister. The talent of the applicants has been acknowledged, and they are happy that the recruitment process was open and defensible. You must have noticed a big difference in the hiring procedure. As the Prime Minister said, “The recruitment process has become more streamlined and time-bound in central jobs.”

The Karmayogi Prarambh module, an online orientation programme for recently hired personnel, was also unveiled by PM Modi. The Karmayogi platform offers a variety of online courses for government workers. The platform will let employees both advance their careers and benefit from it.

The prime minister stated that in addition to formal training, the iGOT Karmyogi platform provides various courses for personal development in reference to the numerous government employees that are enrolled in online courses there.

The Prime Minister underlined the new employment prospects that will arise once this connectivity is implemented, referring to the Bharat-Net project that aims to provide broadband connectivity in every hamlet. The Prime Minister claimed that even those who are not very tech aware realise its advantages.