Goa Congress seeks disqualification of MLAs Lobo & Kamat

The Congress on July 11 filed petitions with the Goa Assembly Speaker Ramesh Tawadkar seeking disqualification of its MLAs.

The Congress on July 11 filed petitions with the Goa Assembly Speaker Ramesh Tawadkar. Seeking disqualification of its MLAs Michael Lobo and Digambar Kamat. Congress has accused the two MLAs of hobnobbing with the ruling BJP to bring about a split in the opposition party.

Amit Patkar, Goa Pradesh Congress Committee president said that. Disqualification petitions have been filed against Mr. Lobo and Mr. Kamat. Also, adding that the Speaker had been is aware about the party’s decision to remove Mr. Lobo as Leader of Opposition in the Assembly.


“Disqualification petitions have been filed against both the MLAs as they have voluntarily given up membership of the party. There is a Supreme Court judgment which states that any anti-party activity amounts to giving up of the membership of the party”, he quoted.

Patkar also went on to say that the move by the BJP to split the Congress Legislative Party had failed. Moreover, as it could not muster the required numbers of legislators needed to do so without attracting anti-defection law provisions.

“The BJP wanted to repeat what they have done in Maharashtra through money and muscle power. We ensured on Sunday that the defection in our party stops,” Patkar said.

According to the Congress, such tactics are being used by BJP. In order to ensure that there is no worthwhile opposition left in the states that they are ruling.