Elon Musk discusses the availability of Twitter’s pay-for-verification service in India

Twitter users must pay $8 per month to Elon Musk in order to maintain their verification checkmarks.


In some nations, Twitter has launched a new subscription service where users must now pay to maintain their blue ticks. They will also get access to select premium services for $8 per month.

The service has so far been made available in Canada and the US. New Zealand and Australia. When Indian users will have access to it is a subject of interest.

On Twitter, a user named Prabhu Damodharan tagged Elon Musk to ask: “When can we expect to have the Twitter Blue roll out in India?”

In response, Musk wrote”hopefully, less than a month”

Prabhu stated that the subscription cost in India might be “around Rs 649.”

“Will be interesting to see if it’s incl (sic) GST or if it will take it to close to 10$,” he added.

The idea to charge for authentication is a component of Musk’s effort to increase the social network’s revenue.

Many people are reluctant to pay. Numerous celebs have declared their intention to quit the social network.

At Twitter, Musk is making significant changes.

The corporation has let go over half of its staff. As Twitter was losing $4 million each day, Musk has said he had no other alternative than to terminate everyone, adding that those who were let go received a three-month severance package.

Twitter’s founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey had to apologise as a result of widespread layoffs.

“I realize many are angry with me. I own the responsibility for why everyone is in this situation: I grew the company size too quickly. I apologize for that,” he tweeted.