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Delhi High Court to hear plea against Ramdev’s statement on allopathy

Guru Ramdev have allegedly spread misinformation through his statement against allopathy.

According to ‘ANI’ report, the Delhi High Court is scheduled to hear a plea by seven doctors associations against Yoga Guru Ramdev on Friday.

Guru Ramdev have allegedly spread misinformation through his statement against allopathy. Earlier, on Monday the high court adjourned the hearing on a petition filed by the Resident Doctors Association of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) against the Yoga Guru. The hearing was adjourned as the single – judge bench of Justice C Harishankar, did not sit.

The association claimed that Ramdev had mislead and misrepresented allopathy stating that it was responsible for the deaths of multiple people who suffered from COVID 19. Furthermore, the association stated that the Yoga Guru implied that the allopathic doctors were causing deaths of the patient. It further put forward that Ramdev was sowing doubts in the people’s mind with respect to the safety and efficacy of not only allopathic treatment but also COVID 19 vaccines.

The plea noted that it is apprehended that Ramdev’s statements can influence the masses and thereby divert them from allopathic treatment which is considered as the standard form of care even by the government.

The association further asserted that this campaign was a mere advertisement and marketing strategy aiming for the sales of product sold by the Yoga Guru including Coronil that claims to be an alternative treatment for COVID 19.

The association warned the the third wave of the pandemic is expected to hit the country by the month of August and it is imperative that Ramdev’s sustained misinformation campaign be brought to a halt.

On June 3, the high court issued summons to Ramdev on a plea filed by the Delhi Medical Association (DMA) linked to his alleged statement against allopathic medicines and claims regarding Patanjali’s Coronil Kit. It directed Ramdev’s counsel orally to inform him not to make any provocative statement till the next date of hearing on July 13. It further asked him to respond to the suit.