“Thought it was a nut,” Mumbai woman traumatised as she finds human finger in ice cream

A shocking incident occurred in Mumbai when a human finger was found in an ice cream ordered online. Dr. Orlem Brandon Serrao, a resident of Malad, discovered the gruesome element in a cone ice cream from Yummo Ice Creams.

Dr. Serrao shared his traumatic experience, explaining that he initially mistook the solid piece for a nut. “I had ordered three cone ice creams from an app yesterday. One of them was a butterscotch ice cream of Yummo brand. After eating half of it, I felt a solid piece in my mouth. I thought it could be a nut or a chocolate piece, but still spat it out to check what it was,” he said in a video statement.


Upon closer examination, Dr. Serrao, who is a doctor, realized it was a human finger. “When I carefully examined it, I noticed the nails and fingerprint impressions under it. It resembled a thumb. I am traumatized,” he said.

He immediately preserved the finger in an ice pack and filed a complaint with the Malad police. A case has been registered against Yummo Ice Creams for food adulteration and endangering human life. The ice cream has been sent for investigation and the finger for forensic analysis.

The presence of a body part in the food item has raised suspicions of a possible conspiracy, and further investigations are ongoing.