19-year-old UP law student kills herself after being gangraped for a month

According to a report by Times of India, a 19-year-old Uttar Pradesh law student was kidnapped, gang-raped by three men, and then blackmailed for a month. Reportedly, she approached the police but no action was taken. Afterwards, she killed herself on November 16.

The police came into action after the day she committed suicide and made an arrest as well as suspended two cops involved in the investigation.


Times of India reported, “On October 3, the woman had filed a complaint against the main accused, Mohd Qamruddin, for harassing and threatening her,” said Bulandshahr SSP Santosh Singh. “However, in the court statement taken under Section 164 of the CrPC (which lays down the rules for recording statements and confessions), she went back on what she had initially said. A final report was filed, exonerating the alleged harasser.”

In the suicide note found on Monday, she wrote he had apologized for his behavior and that’s why she did not press charges initially.

On October 16, Qamruddin asked her to come to meet him at 4 am outside her village, the note said. Eight days on, she filed another complaint, naming Qamruddin, his uncle Mubeen and friend Mohd Abrar. “In that statement, she said she had been taken away to a house in Aligarh and gang-raped by the three men,” Singh said. An FIR was filed that day, October 24, for gang-rape.

Times of India further reported, “The note said they left her by the road after raping her. They had shot a video of her being raped and they threatened to ‘make it go viral’ if she pursued her complaint.”