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Congress leads the race for Karnataka with 120 seats

The Congress party came perilously close to reaching the halfway milestone in the 224 seats of the Karnataka Assembly after counting ballots for about three hours.


The Congress party had been counting ballots for close to three hours, and they were approaching perilously close to reaching the halfway mark in the 224 seats that make up the Karnataka Assembly. While the JD(S) continued to retain its position in third place under the leadership of Deve Gowda, the incumbent BJP was closing the margin that Congress had established in early leads. Exuberant Congress workers erupted into celebrations at party headquarters, undaunted by the volatility in trends as they were certain of their victory and the likelihood of becoming the next administration in the vital southern state. They were confident in their capacity to emerge victorious in the election.

According to statistics published by ANI, voting was carried out peacefully throughout the state of Karnataka with a turnout of 73.19 percent, which is higher than the 72.36 percent that was recorded in 2018. There were a total of 737 model polling stations, and voters had the option of selecting one based on their ethnicity or on a topic. At each of the 239 polling locations that were set up around the state, personnel from the PwD greeted voters and provided information about the election.

The elections for the Karnataka Assembly in 2023 were regarded to be a semi-final for the elections for general government in 2024, hence they were quite crucial. Because of this, they gained a significant amount of prominence.