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Bihar Police rebuts crypto funding angle in PFI Linked Terror Module Case

The NIA (National Investigative Agency) will be handed over the Phulari Sharif Terror module case that has been linked to the Popular Front of India, PFI.


A terror module was uncovered by the Bihar Police in the Phulwari Sharif district of Bihar. Which is linked to an extremist organisation called PFI. The Bihar police had arrested 3 people including a retired Jharkhand police officer, Jalaluddin Mohammad.

Also, Mohammad Jalaluddin and Athar Parvez were arrested on 13th July and Nuruddin Jungi was arrested in Lucknow. By the Uttar Pradesh Ant-Terrorist squad.

NIA had earlier carried out searches in Jamia Maria  Niswa Madarassa located in Purvi Champaran District in Bihar. And had arrested a teacher, Asghar Ali under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, UAPA.


The Patna SSP (Senior Superintendent of Police), M S Dhillon in Bihar has said that there was no truth to reports of cryptocurrency funding in the case.

The nature and scale of crypto markets are evolving rapidly. And if the current trends continue, they will pose a risk to financial stability. European Central Bank stated earlier this month.

The RBI governor, Shaktikanta Das had warned about cryptocurrencies being a clear danger. Moreover,  he stated that anything that derives values based on make-believe and without any underlying factors is speculation with a sophisticated name.


In raids carried out by the Bihar Police, several documents named “Vision India 2047” were uncovered. Further, it stated ways of launching armed attacks on the Indian state by Indian Muslims with the help of Islamic Nations like Turkey.