Ajit Pawar seeks urgent help for farmers

Maharashtra opposition leader Ajit Pawar on Tuesday said the state government should announce urgent aid for farmers while declaring a wet drought.

Addressing a press conference, Pawar said that due to havoc of the return monsoon, both Kharif and Rubby crops have washed away. Pune has been flooded on the other hand, the threat of another cyclone is loomed on the state.


He further said that the people on the banks of the river should be alerted while releasing the water from the dam and that the government should pay serious attention to these incidents.

The rains have wreaked havoc in the state, so the time of the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister has been sought tomorrow to help the farmers immediately.

Pawar also clarified that he will raise this issue with them.

The farmers of the state have been in a miserable condition as the government had said that it would deposit money in the accounts of the farmers who had suffered huge losses due to the heavy rains last month, but the farmers are saying that the money has not been deposited yet, he pointed out.

Some people whose houses are flooded should be given immediate food aid.

He further he said that the people will get relief only if orders are given to the District Collectors through the state government.

Pune has got the form of rivers. No one cares about traffic. Police need to be taken into confidence regarding traffic jams. Pune has been hit the hardest by the rains. He also alleged that the attention that should be given to this is not being given.

It was announced through the government that it would make Diwali sweet for the people of the state for 100 rupees. For that, a contract of a few crores has been given to a company, but the ration has not reached the people yet. People are expected to get this ration in a transparent manner and at a moderate price, but it is also being said that there is something wrong about it

Unemployment, inflation has increased in the state.

The government is announcing that only recruitment is going to be done.

Pawar also demanded that the government clarify its position regarding the closure of schools, he added.