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How to make ‘exercising’ a regular habit

Consistency is the foundation to long-term success. Yes, we all know that behaviours like regular physical activity and proper nutrition are essential components of long term health. But due to our day to day workload of modern life it can be difficult to make the necessary changes to adapt new lifestyle habits.

When it comes to exercise, focusing on the positive aspects of changing a behaviour can make it a more pleasurable experience. Learning to enjoy working out is a sign that one will workout better. The more one engages themselves in exercising, the better they will feel. Which could lead to long-term behaviour change and a healthy life.

Use these 6 steps to help shift focus to a healthy lifestyle

Step 1: Schedule your workouts:– Take the time to plan your schedule and include time for excerise, it is more likely to become a regular habit. Plan when and where you will exercise and put it on your schedule.

Step 2: Consider workouts as a hobby rather then a task:- Workouts should come from within when one is actually ready for it. Rather than taking it as a task one won’t ever be able to stay healthy. Considering the fact that if you start falling in love with exercising and workouts, only then you’ll be able to stay fit and healthy.

Step 3: Set a learning goal:- Try out new exercises each day! Have your own type of workout plans ready for what your body needs. Set a learning goal to try out new things. Try out new exercise techniques. This process or format could help release more dopamine, which is released in response to positive learning experiences, so that your brain associates exercise with pleasure.

Step 4: Change your mindset:- Focus on quality of life rather than trying to achieve some media-defined apperance. Instead of focusing on using exercise to change how you look, think of exercise as a means for improving your health and enhancing your quality of life. If you shift your focus toward using exercise as a means for achieving and maintaining better health, you will be surprised at how motivated you will become to maintain a more consistent workout schedule.

Step 5: Develop a journaling practice:- Use a journal to track your progress and record how you feel after you exercise. Write down the amount of calories you’ve burnt and how much you’ve consumed in a day. Writing down the positive aspects of each exercise session and how it makes you feel could help you to shift your mindset so that you focus on the process, not necessarily the outcome.

Step 6: Find a workout buddy:- Taking the steps to initiate behaviour change by yourself can be tough, so having a friend or family along with you for the journey could help make the process a little easier. It helps you pass the time quickly. It also makes you and your partner accountable to eachother, which means you’re less likely to skip workouts and you’ll will work as a team and enjoy this experience. Which is essential for establishing a long-term habit.

Keeping these steps in mind and it will help you change your perception of exercising.