5 things you must carry while going on the beach

If your are planning to visit a beach then here’s a list of 5 essential things you must carry while going on the beach

Beach love is an another kind of obsession. People may differ in their choices of destination they would like to spend quality time. Some like mountains while some prefer forest. In case you love to feel the spontaneous warm waves of an ocean, the sound of those waves, the never ending sight of the ocean, coconut trees, shades, sand and carving figures on it, then definetely you are a beach lover. A beach is a landform alongside a body of water which consists of loose particles like sands and rocks. Beaches are said to relive stress, regulate hormones, and give you the daily dose of exercise when. You also get to absorb a good quantity of vitamin D and more. 

A beach contains all the essence of emotions. From fun to peace, you will find a completely different world of emotions and ignorance at the same time on a beach. So if you haven’t been on a beach earlier, then it is highly recommended to visit it once and feel the love of ocean and unconditional emotions. And in case you have planned to go and explore the beach and spend your holiday, weekend or quality time then here is the list of things you must carry with you in your bag to save yourself from regrets and bad experience.



List of top 5 things you must carry while going on the beach



Sun is a good and rich source of essential vitamin D and on beach you can get plenty of it. But excess amount of it is very harmful for your skin. The direct exposure of your skin to sun which also emits harmful UV rays can cause skin cancers and many skin related disorders and acne scars. In order to keep your skin safe, you must carry a sunscreen of any brand to protect your screen. Don’t forget to keep this in your beach bag.



For the same reason i.e to protect your eyes especially cells in your eyes which are very sensitive to light and UV rays emitting from sun, you need carry sunglasses. So wear a sunglass while on a beach  that will keep your eyes cool and safe.


Bathing Suit

Even if you try to stop yourself from getting bath in the ocean, the innumerable rapid and spontaneous warm waves will compel you to do so. A bathing suit is compulsory to carry when you step out for beach visit. So don’t forget to carry a chic and hot bathing suit with you.


Extra Loungeries

There is a possibility that you may loose your bathing bikinis or swimwear while swimming in the ocean. To avoid unwanted and accidental embarrassment carry extra pair of Loungeries and under garments with you.


Shampoo and soap

Many people have sensitive skin and ocean water might not adapt with their skin sensitivity leading to rashes and etching. In that case you need to get bath immediately with fresh tap water. Carry an adequate amount of shampoo and soap with you to protect your skin and body immediately.