5 Tips to Planning a Trip with a Group of Friends

You have a great friend group, and you want to go on a trip with them to somewhere amazing. Traveling with friends can be an incredible experience. However, it can also be stressful if not planned well. To avoid the hassles that can come with traveling with a large group, consider these tips for planning your trip:

Discuss budget


First things first, you’ll want to discuss the type of budget you’ll have for this trip. After all, not everyone has the same kind of cash to spare for their trip, so make sure you talk about this important detail beforehand.

From finding cheap flights from Detroit to renting an affordable house or apartment for you to stay at, there are several financial details that should be talked about so everyone has a great time and doesn’t have to worry about money.

Talk about what you want to do as a group

To plan a trip with friends, it’s important to ensure everyone enjoys the experience. What this means is talking about where you want to go as a group of friends. Whether it’s deciding on a visit to Tulum, a trip to Europe, or a hiking getaway to the mountains of Colorado, discussing the destination and activities you all want to do is important so that everyone is on board with the trip plan.

Use apps to keep track of costs

When traveling with friends, it can be easy for one person or two to get the brunt of the expenses. “I forgot my wallet” or “I don’t have the money right now” are phrases you may hear. Things happen and that’s okay, but to make sure that one person doesn’t end up with the majority of the expenses on their credit card, make sure to use an app to track and split expenses.

This can also be useful if one person is doing all of the booking on their card. This way, no one gets left with the bill and everyone pitches in. Apps make it easy to see where the money goes and helps you split the costs evenly.

Plan with plenty of time

From finding cheap flights to booking a great place to stay, there are many reasons why planning your trip well in advance is important with a large group of people. Planning with time allows you to get great deals and make reservations for special events and activities.

It can also make it easy to decide on the best location and allow everyone time to prepare. Use an itinerary app so everyone knows what to expect and plan for on the trip.

Stay in a house together

If you want to really enjoy your trip with friends for a holiday, consider booking a place to stay together. This allows you to spend more time with each other while also helping to minimize costs, as a home rented out is a lot less than if each person had to book an individual hotel room to stay in. Whether it’s a cabin in Colorado or a beachside rental on a once in a lifetime trip to India, traveling with your group of friends can allow you to stay in an amazing location.

In Conclusion

Group travel can be a lot of fun, especially when it’s with your closest friends, but you n

have to be careful. Discrepancies with money or issues that come up in travel can result in ruptured friendships or awkward situations.

Planning ahead and keeping everything above in mind can help ensure your focus as a group is on having fun and not on money or other issues. A successful trip with friends can be one of the most amazing experiences, so start planning with your squad today!