5 things to know before planning a trip to Kashmir

Kashmir is one of those places that is completely paradisiacal and will capture your heart with its majesty and charm. One can never get enough of the beauty that this country is known for. Kashmir has everything you need for a memorable trip. If you’re considering a vacation to this lovely place and want some advise on what to do, check out these Kashmir travel tips.

Here are 5 things to know before planning a trip to Kashmir


Carry Necessary Documents

We suggest that you go with the necessary documents. We advise you to keep any supporting documents, including your passport, driver’s license, ticket stubs and any other permissions, that might be needed for you while in Kashmir.

Weather in Kashmir

Know about the current weather in Kashmir before making travel plans. It’s a stunning place where the happy spring and summer weather of Kashmir will steal your heart. That being said, Kashmir’s weather is unpredictable and can be changed quickly.

Carry Sufficient Cash

We recommend that if you are traveling to Kashmir, you bring enough cash with you. It would also be necessary for you to bring your credit cards and ATM.

Travel light while

If you are considering a trip to Kashmir, we advise you to pack light and wisely. You should pack clothes that match the weather in Kashmir at the time of year you want to visit.

Mobile Network and Data Connectivity

The crucial thing to remember is that only postpaid connections operate in the valley and hill stations. If you have a prepaid connection, your phone will go dead the moment you reach Kashmir. Thus, switch your phone from prepaid to postpaid before you leave, or bring along a second number with postpaid service.