5 things to keep in mind before you travel to Europe

A trip to Europe is a dream for many people. Travellers of all kinds are captivated by Europe, whether it is by the fascinating hills of Switzerland, the breathtaking city of Paris, the sun-kissed Mediterranean beaches, or the historical sites of Greece and Italy. For those preparing to visit these wonderful places, here are some travel suggestions for Europe that will ensure an enjoyable holiday.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind before you travel to Europe


1. Budget

Preparing a realistic budget is essential because travelling to Europe may be costly. Take into consideration the price of your travel, food, lodging, sightseeing and shopping. Look for discounts on flights and hotels, consider visiting during the off-season and take public transportation to save money.

2. Mobile connection

Another important travel advice for Europe is to ensure that you have a good cellphone connection. There is no such SIM card that can be used in every European country, thus it is always best to travel after activating an international roaming plan for the nations you plan on visiting before leaving India.

3. Booking accommodation

Select a place to stay according to your preferences and your budget. There are several options, from affordable hostels and Airbnb to costly hotels and boutique stays. Book your stays in advance, particularly during the busiest travel times.

4. Packing essentials

Pack based on the season and activities planned. Comfy clothes, adapters, a camera and toiletries are all must-haves. Don’t forget to pack copies of your itinerary, your passport, your visa and travel insurance.

5. Book online tickets

Europe is home to many amazing structures and monuments. Travelers are in love with the magnificent palaces, museums, churches and gardens. To ensure a pleasant and hassle-free visit to these landmarks, book your tickets online.