5 most spectacular hikes in Switzerland

Switzerland, a landlocked country known for its stunning Alps, sparkling lakes and meadows, provides plenty of outdoor activities. Its natural scenery is breathtaking, with towering mountains and deep valleys that have inspired several writers and poets throughout history. Whether you’re travelling alone or with a group, taking leisure walks and hiking in Switzerland is more than just another break. The spectacular scenery of the nation is enhanced by the stunning Swiss Alps, which include snow-covered peaks and rough terrain.

Here are 5 most spectacular hikes in Switzerland


1. Creux Du Van

This breathtaking view of the crescent-shaped rock at the peak surrounded by greenery will amaze you This is one of those miracles that ‘you have to see to believe it’! This hike, which is a bit farther from Neuchatel, will take around 4-5 hours and is one of the most beautiful hikes in Switzerland.

2. The Eiger Trail

The Eiger Trail, which is located in the Bernese Oberland, provides experienced hikers with a thrilling experience. You will be rewarded with stunning views of the famous Eiger North Face, which draws hikers from all over the world, as you make your way up this tough trail.

3. The Aletsch Glacier Trail

The Aletsch Glacier Trail is a must-visit for anyone wanting a breathtaking view of one of Europe’s largest glaciers. This trail, situated in the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Jungfrau-Aletsch area, provides hikers with breathtaking views of the massive Aletsch Glacier and its surrounding snow-capped peaks.

4. Lac De Taney

Lac de Taney, in Vouvry and the Montreux area in Switzerland, is an uncommon yet spectacular hike. You may start your journey from Miex and reach this tranquil lake in about one hour.

5. Oeschinensee Lake

Oeschinensee Lake, one of Switzerland’s surreal lakes, is the place to visit if you want some magnificent views of alpine mountains and blue water. You have to take the cable car from Kandersteg to Oeschinen to get to this hiking trail.