5 most iconic monuments in the USA

The United States is home to several famous monuments, including the well-known Washington Memorial in Washington, D.C., and Mount Rushmore in South Dakota’s Black Hills. These monuments honour some of the most significant moments in American history and portray the story of the country’s rich past.

Here are 5 most iconic monuments in the USA


1. Mount Rushmore

One of the oddest and most popular monuments in the nation is Mount Rushmore, a granite monument in South Dakota that displays the carved faces of four American presidents. Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln have gazed out from the peak since 1941 when sculptor Gutzon Borglum and his son Lincoln completed the project.

2. Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial, which looks like an ancient Greek temple, dominates the west end of the National Mall in Washington, DC. The monument’s highlight is a statue of Abraham Lincoln looking over the reflection pond to the Capitol. Lincoln’s second  inaugural address and the Gettysburg Address are both inscribed on the wall.

3. Statue of Liberty

This 151-foot copper lady, originally conceived as a gift from France to the United States, was perhaps the world’s first crowdfunded campaign: when the French government couldn’t afford to complete and ship the statue stateside, an 1885 drive started by New York World publisher Joseph Pulitzer drew more than 120,000 contributors, the majority of whom gave less than a dollar each.

4. Washington Monument

The 554-foot stone obelisk that anchors D.C.’s National Mall is the world’s tallest obelisk and it took some time to build. Although construction started in 1848, the chaos of the Civil War caused many delays.

5. Cloud Gate

The bean-shaped Cloud Gate is an outdoor sculpture located in Chicago’s Millennium Park that was created in 2004. The monument made of stainless steel reflects clouds above and reflects the skyline of the city. The Cloud Gate is one of the world’s biggest permanent outdoor art installations and one of Chicago’s most photographed sights.