5 best places in Russia that must top your bucket list

One of the most common terms used to describe Russia is “diversity.” The nation is a museum on its own, with vast mountains, deserts, beaches, geyser fields, heritage sites, forts, frozen lakes and breathtaking art and architecture.

Here are 5 best places in Russia that must top your bucket list


1. Lake Kardyvach

Nestled between three mountain peaks and lush alpine meadows, Lake Kardyvach’s breathtaking beauty is enhanced by gushing waterfalls. Situated in the Sochi area, about 44km (27mi) from the well-known Krasnaya Polyana, it’s an excellent trekking option for anyone seeking to experience the remoteness of Russia.

2. Sergiyev Posad

The numerous shiny onion domes of Sergiyev Posad stand out above the picturesque surrounding area. The town, one of the eight that comprise the Golden Ring, is a simple day trip from Moscow. It is the location of the Troitse-Sergieva Lavra monastery, which is regarded as the spiritual hub of Russia and is recognized as a Unesco World Heritage Site.

3. Red Square

One of the most breathtaking sights in Russia is Red Square, which is located in the centre of Moscow. Red Square gained its name from the fact that the word “red” also meant “beautiful” in older Russia. Beautiful government buildings, museums and churches may be found in this lovely square.

4. Krenitsyn volcano

Onekotan Island is unspoiled by civilization. Situated in the centre of the island is a lake where the Krenitsyn volcano is situated. This volcano last erupted in the 1950s, but it hasn’t erupted again since.

5. Karelia

This stunning piece of land, which stretches from the White Sea coast to the Gulf of Finland, was formed by a glacier. Karelia is home to Lake Onega and Lake Ladoga, two of Europe’s biggest lakes. One of nature’s finest wonders, Karelia is home to huge lakes and picturesque hills.