10 essential things you must carry while travelling 

From power bank to clothes, here’s a list of 10 essential things you must carry while travelling to avoid inconvenience.

Travelling makes your life better and happier. It is often recommended to travel for a healthy mind and body. Travelling not only teaches you about the world, different countries, cultures, people and landforms but also make you a confident, independent and tolerant person. Travelling also creates myriad number of unforgettable memories and experiences that teaches important lessons about life. Whereas the most exciting part before we start our travelling, is packing up stuffs that we are going to use during our travelling. These stuff includes clothes, shoes, accessories, passport, tickets, ID card, credit cards, brush and many other essential items. 

Most often it happens that in hurry and haste we forget to keep essential items that we are definetely going to need during travelling. Whereas there are many small stuffs that are left behind out of our ignorance. This can result in serious consequences and unwanted anxiety. But below is a list of 10 essential things you must carry while travelling to avoid regrets and inconvenience.



10 essential things to carry while travelling


Passport, ID card and documents

Never forget to keep essential documents including passport, ID card and visa in case travelling abroad. In many countries and states, the government keeps a strict tab on travellers and tourist’s identity and documents. Do don’t forget to keep that first in your bag.


Phone Charger/ charged Power Bank

Today the whole world is on phone. While navigations and map in the phone helps a lot during travelling. It’s important to keep the phone battery charged everytime when you are out. Do carry your phone chargers or else a charged power bank that will instantly charge your phone and will avoid unwanted tension and problems.


Sufficient Clothes

Pack your clothes according the place or destination you have decided to travel. For example keep warm woollen clothes if travelling cold places while pack summer clothes like shorts, jeans, tops, dresses if travelling warm places. While there are so many places where you need to wear decent clothes like remote areas or nearby traditional places. Pack a good number of loungeries and undergarments as these are used on daily basis.


Toilet papers and tissue rolls

Incase you are travelling to remote areas or exploring adventurous places like mountains, forest and so on, then it is highly recommended to carry couple of tissue rolls or toilet papers. These can be needed anytime and will maintain your hygeine.



There are many places across the world that still don’t provide a good network and internet facilities. You can’t solely depend on your phone in such areas. You need to have a backup for this. Always carry a detailed map of the particular location, you want to travel. These are portable and handy, so can easily fit in your purse or bag.


Good Translation book

Because of the prominent diversity that one can find across the world, it’s sometimes become difficult to communicate easily. Language barrier is prominent while travelling. You might have your smart phone with which you can translate word to word sentences, but incase you don’t get access to internet, then a good translation book will help you adversely. Carry an Oxford translation book or another preferred book that will help you to overcome communication barrier.


Medicines and first aid

God forbid, but small accidents and unfortunate events can happen anytime anywhere, with you or the person at the other end while travelling. In order to immediately react to the situation carry essential medicines and first aid including cotton, antiseptics, scissors, paracetamol and such.


Accessoires and Make up

Capturing moments while travelling becomes a life long memories. While it’s also very important to look good. Do not forget to carry adequate amount of accessories and cosmetics. While keep lotions and creams that is good for your skin, as due to climate change your skin can be affected adversely. You might attend events and parties during travelling and for that purpose also you need to accesseries and look good.


Comfortable footwear

Travelling involves long walks and wandering here and there to explore. Do not wear something that will hurt your foot and will act as resistance in your way. Do keep comfortable footwear like slippers or shoes to explore more.


A good Camera

While travelling, capturing memories is a paramount feature. Your phone might not accommodate all photos due to lack of phone storage and the quality of phone picture is not as good as that of a DSLRs. Do carry a good camera like DSLR or any other for capturing momentums and memories for life.