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10 fun activities to make the weekends more exciting for you and your child

On weekends, you have the best opportunity to become your child’s best friend. You have ample amount of time to spend together and know them better. These activities will help you in strengthening your bond.

Meditate Together- Meditation is the practice of using techniques like mindfulness to train attention and awareness and achieve a clear, calm, emotionally and mentally stable state. There are many benefits of meditation for you and your child like it helps in reducing stress, controlling anxiety, promotes emotional health, enhances self-awareness, generate kindness, etc.


Cooking Together- For all these years you have cooked for your child. Now is the time to cook with them to strengthen your bond and make memories which will be cherished throughout life. We understand your concern about letting your child near fire and knife. You can do the chopping and let them do the rest. You can make biscuit cakes, pinwheel sandwiches and fruit smoothies.

Fun Challenges- You can take the ‘How much do you know your child?’ challenge. You can ask them a few questions. They will write their answers on ‘Champ’s Answer’ sheet because every child is a champion and you will write what you think the answer is on ‘Your Answer’ sheet. In the end, you will match the answers and you score 1 point for 1 same answer on both the sheets. If your score is 10-15, you are a good listener. You and your child communicate well. If your score is 5-10, you know a bit about your child, but you can benefit by learning to listen more effectively. Below 5, time to improve communication, stop talking and start listening. Here is your questionnaire and make sure no more cheating:

Who is your best friend?
What is your favourite music?
What is your biggest complaint about your family?
If I could buy you anything in the world. What would you want me to buy?
What do you like to watch on TV?
Which accomplishment is your proudest?
Which non-school book have you enjoyed recently?
What do you want to be when you grow up?
What would be your preferred pet of choice?
10. What embarrasses you the most?
11. What makes you angry?
12. What are your most and least favourite subjects?
13. What foods do you like and dislike the most?
14. What is your favourite sport?
15. What is your biggest fear?

Read a story to them- Stories play an important role in the growth and development of children. It makes them more creative and they imbibe morals from it. Make a habit of telling them a story and let them narrate any story to you at least 1 day a week.

Take up a new hobby together- Singing, dancing, reading, writing, drawing, etc. Whatever your child likes to do, make sure you give at least an hour every day to grow in that field together. In the era of technology, you can learn any art with tutorials over the internet.

Play games together– indoor/outdoor games or video games always excite the children. Try to play at least one round of any game with them every day.

Relive old memories– Share your fun, happy, sad and embarrassing memories from your childhood. This will motivate them to open up with you.

Paint a masterpiece together– take out your paintbrushes and put your thoughts on a canvas. It is not for someone else to judge. It is just a creative way of spending time with your child, let their creativity flow and remember there are no bad artworks, it is just art we fail to understand.

DIY activities– You and your child can work on many DIY(Do It Yourself) projects. These projects have many benefits- you save money, you learn a new skill, it keeps your brain sharp and most importantly you gain contentment and satisfaction. You can make forts/castles, puppets, dolls/action figures, lanterns, jewellery, basically everything. Finishing a DIY project every day will bring you close and give a sense of accomplishment as well.

Movie Marathon– Movies are always a great idea to bond. You enjoy, laugh and learn together.

Use this time to make memories you will cherish in your old age.