Realme C67 5G (6 GB RAM) is now on sale with 16% discount; Check out this offer on Flipkart

The Realme C67 5G now costs Rs.14,999 instead of Rs.17,999. You may get this fantastic offer on Flipkart. The Realme C67 5G is currently available at a 16% discount on the e-commerce website, down from Rs.14,999 to Rs.14,999. You can also find bank and exchange deals. You might save up to Rs.13,000 on the exchange offer.

Realme C67 5G Specifications


In a world where speed is necessary, the Realme C67 5G is a shining example of innovation. With its exceptional performance, the G 6nm chipset sets the way for a revolution in technology. Whether you’re an expert multitasker, a gamer, or a photography lover, this smartphone is made to improve every part of your mobile experience.

The 17.07 cm (6.72 in) dynamic display is a visual feast, providing a rich canvas for your content. Whether you’re binge-watching your favourite show or immersing yourself in intensive gaming sessions, the clarity and vividness of this screen bring every detail alive.

A massive 5000 mAh battery powers this smartphone. The Realme C67 follows your pace from sunrise to sunset, removing the need for regular recharging and freeing you up to concentrate on what counts.

The 50 MP AI Camera takes centre stage, much to the delight of photography fans. Every click is amazing, with innovative functions that ensure your shots are more than simply images. Say goodbye to blurred images and welcome a new era of smartphone photography.

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