How to invest in and decor your home office

Work from home is the new normal in the current world of pandemic. People are compelled to adjust with this, in order to avoid the virus spread. Working from home is not easy. The discipline is missing while working from home. Here are some tips that will help you to decor your office at home and help you to work efficiently.

For the past six months, we all are experiencing pandemic and lockdown that has changed our regular life. Work from home is being initiated to avoid the spread of virus. Every work sector, educational institutes and industrial, is now practising work from home, to avoid the loss. 


But it’s little uncomfortable to generate the same amount of energy and mood while working from home.One don’t get the same enthusiastic vibe and working mood at home, which he or she used to get back at the office, with the proper ambience. It’s very important to feel the same while working from home for a productive outcome.

Here are some tips to invest in and decor your home office-

Where to make a office at home ?

While working for your company from home, you need to be responsible and discipline. Sitting on couch, having your food and surrounded by your family, is a wrong way to work. So to avoid all these, you must select a place at your home, that isolates you completely from all those noise and disturbing element. The place must include a window close to your table, so that it brings in fresh air and light. Make sure that the place is well equipped with plug boards and switches, as most of our work is done on laptop or tab. Check the WiFi connection and network at the place selected, so that it doesn’t cause any problem while working from home online.


Decor and furniture:


A productive working mind needs an ambience that will enhance one’s abilities and make one work with more dedication and commitment. A place with mess all around will not allow to work with dedication. Also the colour of walls impacts a lot on a person’s mood and work. So it’s very important to clean the place where you will setup your office at home. The room should have a paint that will motivate and make you to work more. Dull colours does not help in providing good energy to work. Colour that will provide you mental peace and will give you office vibe will work. Low wave length colours like relaxing green or calming blue will help one to work in more effective ways. Also one can paint their walls, using brush and colour, to make the office room more interactive. One can draw anything that motivates them to work more. Use curtains which are neither dull nor very vibrant.

Talking about furniture, it’s very important to pick something which will provide you comfort and ease of doing work. Choose desk and chairs that fits your size and will make you comfortable. If you are tall, and have small desk, then it’s really going to hurt you.

While choosing the desk, pick one that has large surface, so that all your stuff like important files, laptop, tab, a small table watch, stationary and other primary needs for work fits on it and you can easily find them while working. The desk should also include some cabinets or drawers to put all secondary stuffs, and Sliding Hutch, incase you have and extra keyboard. Keep a phone or telephone on your table that contains all your work related contacts for emergency.

You must have a book shell,  close to your table  or some some racks and panels to put all your work related books and stuffs.

While choosing colour of the furniture, one must keep in mind, that the colour should be something that is smooth and relaxing. The texture should not  disturb you while working. Combination of white and wooden colour, grey and light blue, black, royal blue and such colours will give a good look to your office furniture.

Talking about lights, your office at home must have good quality of Florescents. Florescent tubes, with corrective or ambient lighting will help you to remove discomfort and provides good working experience. A small desk lamp, must be kept on your desk, for reading detailings and small writings.

Keeping green plants, or fresh flowers will provide you with positive energy. It will refresh your tired mind and will motivate you to work. You can keep a flower vase or any green plant, on your table or near your table. It will add a great look to your office room.

Besides, the above mentioned stuff, one can add their personal stuffs like a small family photo for motivation and a small idol of God to get strength, to get a complete feel of office while working from home. So design you office at home.