Luxurious Dine-in: The most expensive restaurants in Delhi

A major mismatch is the small number of tapas at such high rates. However, the service is top-notch.


Since cost becomes a big determining factor, many of us skip out on activities or restrict ourselves from travelling, but if you are a foodie, have a large budget. You should take into account these top five priciest restaurants if you want to enjoy live dining in the best restaurants in Delhi. Additionally, we’ve compiled a list of some of Delhi’s priciest eateries for you below.

Le Cirque

The restaurant has wonderful atmosphere and laid-back vibe. The meal is mouthwatering and enticing. It offers the finest exquisite dining experience. It’s must-try experience with fantastic food, excellent service, and polite employees.

The Spice Route

It is lovely location. The best seaside cuisine is served with outstanding service, stunning atmosphere, and delicious food in large quantities.


Sevilla has beautiful atmosphere, however, they need to improve the amount and quality of their food. major mismatch is the small number of tapas at such high rates. However, the service is top-notch.

San Gimignano Restaurant

This Italian eatery is tucked away within the Imperial Hotel. The patio area is attractive, however, the indoor decor may be underwhelming.

Shang Palace

The food is excellent, and although the cocktail menu is small, it is still good. The service is well-liked. The servers are usually very friendly and courteous. The whole thing might be exotic.