What is Lame in the fashion industry and how do you style it?

Thin metallic fibre ribbons are woven or knitted into a fabric known as lamé.


The fact that the word ‘lame’ reminds us of something ‘uninspiring’ or ‘dull’ is totally opposite to what it means in the fashion industry! Actually, Lame is a shiny fabric that looks opulent and glamorous and is produced with either gold or silver metallic threads. Let’s dive into it deeper and learn more about it!

What is Lame in the fashion industry?

Thin metallic fibre ribbons are woven or knitted into a fabric known as lamé. It typically has a gold, silver, or copper hue and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the makeup of the other threads in the fabric. Lamé is often used in evening and dress wear and in theatrical and dance costumes and is a preferred material in future costumes and spacesuits for science fiction television and films.
Lamé is not the best material for frequently used clothing since it is susceptible to seam or yarn slippage.

How do you style it?

Lame works great for evening dresses and wraps, and you may even use a silver lame fabric top with a pair of trousers or skirt and it will still be glamorous. Try it with skinny jeans or cropped pants as well. You can even create a casual appearance with a lame pencil skirt and clothing in the same colour family.
One of the greatest fashion trends is a metal jacket worn with heels or shoes for a street-style appearance. You may always accessorise a short, sleeveless dress with a revealing blouse. Add a decent bag and heels or leather boots appropriate for the season for a cleaner, more elegant appearance.