Here are the top 10 fashionable places in India

Here are the top 10 fashionable places in India for you to up your style game.

Diversity and uniqueness in fashion has its roots in diversity of cultures in India. Social cultures across the country impacted fashion substantially in India. In Delhi, Mumbai Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Hyderabad, owing to largescale migration cultural and fashion gamut took place which resulted into admixture of different culture.

We can find everything in such cities ranging from sweaters to sultry halter tops and also traditional Indian styles like Batik, Chikan, Kalamkari and Kancheepuram. The fusion of Indian fabrics with western styles is primarily a result of British rulers as well as impact of globalisation which are now creating completely different range of fashionable wear for the Indian crowd. Let’s explore top 10 fashionable places in India.


Here are the top 10 fashionable places in India to enhance your fashion experience.

1. Police Bazar: Shillong
The uniqueness of Shillong is its very westernized culture and it has a very young feel to it. The people of Shillong love experimenting with colors in their everyday street style while maintaining a very hip-hop style throughout.

2. Charminar: Hyderabad
Inspired from Mughal empire that once ruled it, Hyderabad’s fashion is flamboyant and hard to miss. It includes beautiful Kundan neck pieces, dozens of traditional handlooms such as Kalamkari, Pochampally Ikat and Gadwal.

3. Marina Beach: Chennai
This place is undoubtedly famous for its Kanchipuram silk sarees and traditional gold jewellery. While the everyday style of Chennai’s residents is simple and easy going, a special occasion in Chennai brings out their inner fashionistas

4. Tulsi Bagh: Pune
This place is unique in the fact that Pune-ites dress in casual hipster attire but manage to look stunning in it. You will find the locals in a simple lace t-shirt and jeans teamed with a stylish bag and pull it off like it’s a million bucks! Markets, crowds and a lot of bargaining options are the key ingredients to the hipster style trend in Pune.

5. Panambur Beach: Mangalore
Mangalore is a fashion hub for stylish Indians experiments with choices. You will find its residents wearing beautifully embroidered kurtas with colourful stoles, bright t-shirts with Bermuda shorts with beach flip-flops. The best way to truly experience the local fashion is to take a small walk down the market alley, and you’ll be instantly drawn to everything sold at the roadside stalls.

6. MG Road: Bengaluru
Bangalore people are quite a hipster and trendy crowd, they believe in experimenting with fashion and mixing Indian prints such as Rajasthani block prints, Kalamkari and Ikkat with western styles such as crop tops and skirts. You will find people wearing everything from khaki shirts, party dresses with traditional junk jewellery and plain simple kurtas with Indian prints.

7. Fort William: Kolkata
The general street style here is casual long Indian kurtas (for both men and woman) with colourful Indian prints paired with stylish accessories such as chunky silver neck-pieces and quirky earrings. Famous for beautiful local weaves such as Benarasi silks and Jamdhani cotton, the markets of Kolkata are a delight to be around.

8. Calangute Beach: Goa
Hippie fashion in India is the most popular in Goa. This includes beachy and flowy outfits with feather earrings, skirts with matching contrast blouses, tie-dye and Aztec printed shirts as well as beach shorts. There are many shopping malls in Goa but most popular place is near the beaches.

9. Hauz Khas: Delhi
This place is a paradise for those who want to have multiple options while making choices, and vast variety of markets here ensure that travelers go back home with complete satisfaction.

10. Marine Drive: Mumbai
Marine Drive which is also called the Queen’s Necklace and is one of the most fashionable landmarks in Mumbai owing to celebrity visits. This arc-shaped bay-side along Arabian Sea in South Mumbai is arguably the best spot to watch beautiful sunsets and indulge in leisurely walks.