Bemberg presented Hemang Agrawal’s ‘Tattva’ collection at Lakmé Fashion Week 2020 Digital First Season Fluid Edition

Mumbai, 22nd October 2020: Hemang Agrawal is a master at developing unconventional textiles with unique yarns. For Lakmé Fashion Week 2020 Digital First Season Fluid Edition, Agrawal’s collection “Tattva” presented by Japanese sophisticated fibre, Bemberg™ by Asahi Kasei Corporation Japan, unveiled the versatility of the Bemberg™ yarn for rich brocades and jacquards as well as a variety of different fabrics.

Presenting nearly 40 ensembles for men and women, it was the 12 Tattvas from the Indian traditions and scriptures that influenced Agrawal’s creations. Earth, water, fire, wind, sky, sun, moon, planets, organisms, body, mind, and spirit were the basis of the collection that represented the harmony between the 12 universal elements.


Motifs representing these elements, including quirky versions of moon-phases, tigers, human mind & DaVinci’s Vitruvian man were skilfully woven into the glittering fabrics.

The collection featured Bemberg™ brocades as the predominant textile, along with plain Bemberg™ fabrics and a few blends.

While the styling for both men’s and women’s wear was understated and elegant, it was the textiles that were the cynosure of all eyes at all times. In sharp contrast to the prevailing trend of fashion presentations, the collection was presented in a completely dark show-environment, devoid of any graphic imagery.

Women’s wear was visualised in classic double-breasted tunics and jackets as well as neat blouses with saris. Trousers were comfy with boot-cut hems, while the maxis with halter bodices and intricately woven skirts were great cocktail time offerings. Cropped blouses with long-sleeves put an emphasis on construction when worn with box-pleated floor-sweeping skirts. A jumpsuit was a practical offering, while the trapeze style dress with two slit pockets, double-breasted trench coat, overlapping wrap pants, boxy jackets, waistcoats, long-sleeved sack dresses worn with skirts; gave varying options to the feminine wardrobe.

The trio of skirt, waistcoat and jacket was ideal for women who exude a powerful personality, while a striking deep ‘V’ neckline gown was a glittering after the dark offering. For more ultra-formal wear, Agrawal presented a gorgeous red brocade skirt teamed with a basic shirt and then added a dupatta for a fusion effect.

The 2-button peak lapelled jacket, brocade skirt with a body-con blouse and a sleek women’s sherwani worn with a maxi skirt, were varying style statements.

While the sari blouses were often with demure long sleeves, the waistcoat blouse was a quirky addition as well as the shirt that gave power dressing a new dimension with a sari to make a distinct impact.

For more festivities, the bright blue brocade lehenga with a strappy bustier and dupatta were ideal for the New Year events.

Men’s wear was practical but well-constructed, as Sherwanis, trench coats, single-button jackets with turn-up trousers, basic shirts and bundgalas, completed the line. Adding a dash of daring style options for the fashion-conscious male, Agrawal teamed a sleek trench coat with a skirt that could definitely be a great conversation breaker.

Mr. Hideto Tanimoto, General Manager, Bemberg™ Sales and Marketing Department said, “We are so happy that we participated in LFW and collaborated with Hemang Agrawal. The collection has come out really wonderful and has brought out the properties of Bemberg yarn such as noble sheen, smooth and soft touch, bright colour, supple drape etc. amazingly. I strongly believe that the collection made a significant impact on the sustainable fashion scene in India. I sincerely appreciate the efforts of Hemang, IMG Reliance and the entire team who worked so hard to make this very first-time attempt of the virtual show and our collaboration successfully happen. We are expecting that the collection will be successful commercially and will help the local craftsman from Varanasi.”

Speaking on the collaboration, designer Hemang Agrawal mentioned, “The dexterity which the weavers in Benares have acquired, finds few parallels in the world. Although predominantly a silk-weaving centre, many master-weavers in the city are highly skilful in handling different yarn types. Japan, on the other hand, is well-known for its advanced technologies as well as its approach towards environment and sustainability as a country. Both these facts are well-reflected in the Bemberg™ Yarn. During our R&D, we found that the yarn, which is available in various counts and deniers is highly adaptable. The lustre, hand-feel, strength and colour depth are very well-suited for premium textiles, which come out of our looms. For the collection ‘Tattva,’ our endeavour has been to merge the skill-set of Benares weavers with qualities of the Bemberg™ yarn, to create textiles and apparel, which transcend the boundaries of what is termed as traditional Benarasi.”

Hemang Agrawal’s collection “Tattva” created from the versatile Bemberg™ yarn into glamorous, glittering, festive wear for men and women, was a breath-taking look at new additions for fashionable dressing, in the form of garments and innovative textiles.