5 most expensive bags by Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is the most luxurious brand in the world and it has a wide range of handbags. Here is a list of the most expensive bags by Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton is the most luxurious brand in the world. The logo of this brand is pretty attractive and is enough to describe the value of the product. The products include handbags, shoes, leather products and perfumes. It has a wide range of jewellery and watches. It is the most profitable brands in the world. The cheapest bag of Louis Vuitton is worth around €423 whereas the most expensive bag offered by them is worth €125,000.

Here is a list of the most expensive bags by Louis Vuitton.


1. Urban Satchel

This €125,000 bag is made to represent urban life. It is made of recycled goods like water bottles, chewing gum wrappers and cigarette packs but the company has used the world’s finest Italian leather. Ashley Olsen spent more than a million dollars to promote this bag.

2. Kusama Pumpkin Minaudiere Jewel Bag

This €110,000 bag is the most luxurious looking bag and it was inspired by 1930s small evening bags. This Louis Vuitton bag has Kusama’s trademark polka dots on it. It has a partition in it and is attached to a golden chain.

3. Coquille d’Oeuf Minaudiere

This cream coloured handbag is a delicate piece of art. The colour of this handbag comes from 12,500 small eggshells. It was said that the experts put so much effort while creating this €83,000 bag that they had to work for 600 hours just to assemble and put the eggshell pieces together.

4. Crocodile Skin City Steamer

This bag is nude coloured and made from crocodile skin. It is worth €45,000. It is a very stylish bag and it was reserved for celebrities only. It has an essence of elegance in it which makes this bag exclusive and luxurious.

5. Patchwork Bag

This €34,500 handbag is not the most elegant or beautiful bag, but the production was limited to only 24 bags. This led to a €34,500 price tag. This bag was designed by Marc Jacobs and it consists of fifteen other Louis Vuitton bags pasted on it.