How to decorate your house for Christmas

Christmas is all about decorating your houses, giving and taking gifts and thanking God for everything. You can decorate your house with Christmas trees, stockings, mistletoe, wreath and string lights.

  1. Christmas is considered incomplete without decorating the houses. Proper Christmas decorations add a feeling of festivity in your offices and your homes. Some people like to keep it casual while others like to use heavy decoration items.

Here is a list of ways to decorate your house on Christmas.


1. Decorate your Christmas tree

Decorating your tree is the most important Christmas decoration. You can get a tree and some colourful items to hang on it. You can use string lights which will make your tree look well lit. Use ornaments and hang them on the tree. Hang some garlands and add a tree topper. Put a star on top of the tree.

2. Hang stockings

Hanging stockings across the fireplace or near the Christmas tree is another ritual people follow. You can hang stockings of red or green colour and use ribbons to hang them up. Each member of the family gets to hang one stocking.

3. Mistletoe

You can get a mistletoe in a nursery or your neighbourhood and you can hang it in a doorway in your house. Use a small hook to hang it in a doorway. To give it a festive look, you can use ribbons around the hook.

4. String Lights

Get some string lights. Choose colours that go with your house or you can choose a combination of two colours and hang them all around the house. During the day, they won’t be visible but at night, it gives a festive vibe.

5. Wreath

You can display a wreath on your entrance door. It makes your house look welcoming to your friends and relatives. It gives a Christmas vibe. Hanging a matching garland outside the house will be cherry on top.