Check out the top 5 Fashion Brands in India

1. FabIndia

Indian brand Fabindia specialises in diverse Indian traditional crafts and offers a broad range of apparel. In addition to selling clothing, Fabindia gives rural craftspeople a platform to interact with metropolitan consumers. To date, FabIndia has exported items to more than 40 nations across five continents. Their products have a distinctive appearance since they are composed of natural materials, many of which are acquired locally. They offer a broad variety of consumer goods together with garments and clothing-related stuff.


2. Biba

Biba Fashion. It features 225 multi-brand stores in addition to more than 150 brand outlets. Indian fashion apparel company Biba is known for its designs for women and young girls. It has 250 multi-brand shops and more than 150 locations in India. One of the most well-known ethnic brands in India is Biba.

3. H&M

H&M comes to mind whenever we think of a budget-friendly, unique, and high-quality garment. H&M is a Swedish apparel retailer with its headquarters in Stockholm. H&M has around 50 locations across 25 cities in India and operates in 74 countries with over 5,000 stores. It has a fantastic online marketing strategy that has helped it become well-known in the digital realm.

4. Adidas

Adidas was founded in 1949 and it is one of the most popular sportswear brands today. This is actually the second-largest sportswear manufacturer in the world presently. While it is more known for its shoes and other sportswear, Adidas has an impressive clothing catalog also.

5. Allen Solly

Allen Solly is one of the top 10 clothing brands in India, widely renowned for its comfortable and casual clothing. The brand brings a huge section for men’s and women’s formal wear ranging from overcoats, jackets, denim, tunics, trousers, tunics, etc. At present, the brand has over 207 stores nationwide with a digital presence to ensure that its customer’s needs are well taken care of.