This Beyonce eyeliner and lipstick hack ‘can change your whole attitude’

High-end products are not pocket friendly but they are definitely the best when it comes to quality of the product

“That’s one of the things I love about makeup–you can change your whole attitude by just doing your eyeliner or lipstick differently.” – Beyoncé

And here goes the dream of every women, no matter where she comes from,  standing at the makeup counter — or hovering our cursor over the “add to cart” button — ogling a really expensive piece of makeup and trying to figure out how to justify the purchase. As such as we love affordable makeup, but sometimes a look at the shiny designer packaged High-end makeup makes us go “the heart wants what it wants.” Our brains may say “YES!” when our bank account says, ” Absolutely, positively, BIG BIG NO!!” And exactly for the moment when our heart takes over and we find ourselves luring over the expensive beauty products, here we list down 5 reasons for you to hit the “Buy Now” button:

THE PERFECT TINT – Better makeup brands often have better pigmentation, which means improved color payoff. Better color payoff means you need to use less product overall – you won’t need to use as much blush if it’s more highly pigmented. This is how we save our pockets from getting light as well as make those cheeks blush pink.

MISTING MOISTURIZATION – The Designer and High-end  tend to add more moisturizing ingredients to their lip colors, so you get the benefits of add-ins such as shea butter to keep your pout from drying out, a common complaint among drugstore lipstick users. The shea butter added to the lipsticks make them light and easy to wear. Also, these designer contains excellent pigmentation and good wear throughout the day. Buying a more expensive lipstick can get you an ideal color payoff again and again, so it’s often worth splurging for a designer brand if that means nabbing your signature color.

AROMATIC FRAGRANCE – Here’s one of the areas designer brands outshine their cheaper dupes: Luxe fragrances added to the formula to enhance the user experience. The aromatic and sometimes the earthy fragrances makes the product more appealing and the earthy smell ensures us of natural ingredients. The fragrance of beauty products is a real good money magnet.

BEST APPLICATORS – Designer makeup is more likely to offer better application devices, such as eyeshadow brushes, foundation sponges, and mascara and powder applicators. These can make a big difference in how makeup looks on your skin, so they could bring added value. The perfectly curated brushes and sponge and their range, for applying into the difficult curves of the face, like all sizes of sponges, contouring brush, highlighter brush, eyebrow brush, etc.

BRAND NAMES AND PACKAGING – As in fashion, simply purchasing a designer makeup brand is going to attract you. It’s a status symbol, so it takes some extra money if you want to have Designer beauty product in your cosmetics bag. Whoever said “What’s in the name!” , we say, “Sometimes it’s the name that does the magic.” You must have noticed shiny and aesthetically pleasing boxes of beauty products. Flashy tubes and pretty packaging make up much of the extra cost, which also speaks to the idea of status in the makeup world. Sometimes the shape of container and the carving on the bottles does a lot than what it contains inside the packaging.



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