Teachers’ Day Exclusive: Teachers expect respect from students, not gifts: Hiten Tejwani

Hiten Tejwani is an eminent actor working for the television since 2000. His works in films and OTT are also critically acclaimed. On the occasion of Teacher’s day, we asked Hiten to share his childhood memories about teacher’s day. In the in-depth conversation, Hiten not just, reminisced about his teachers, he also spoke at length about the current pandemic situation.

When asked about his favorite teacher, Hiten refreshed his memories of childhood and said, “All teachers are good. You can’t say that was my favorite teacher and that was not.” He stated he had a science teacher who was very good to all the children and she was his favorite, I am not sure whether I was her favorite student, but she was definitely my favorite teacher,” he tells us.


We asked Hiten how did he celebrate teacher’s day when he was young, and he replied, “Now it’s different. Everyone is celebrating online. At those times we had an off period. Teachers used to come and give speeches.” Hiten then mulled over a teacher’s day incident that melted his heart, “Once my mother handed me a gift to give to my favorite teacher. I could not resist myself and opened it and ultimately spoiled it. When my teacher asked me about the gift, she knew because my mother had already told her. I admitted my mistake and apologized for breaking her gift. She understood and talked to my mother later. My mother also said that yes, he broke it. I will send you another one later.” The teacher was not offended at all. Everyone was happy because Hiten had confessed and apologized.

He added, “teachers don’t expect gifts from the students. What they want is respect for them and appreciation for the subjects they teach.”

The handsome actor is the proud father of the twins Naveen and Katya. For any child, parents are the best teachers. So, we asked Hiten that what does he teach his kids? He told ” I don’t know what they will learn from me?(chuckles). Mother is the best teacher. They learn good things from her like reading, playing music, playing a sport. I encourage them in doing that.”

He will next be seen in Star Bharat’s next titled “Gupta and Sons”.