Sim Singh shares journey as an artist and teases upcoming single ‘DESIRE’ – Exclusive Interview

In an exclusive interview with Business Upturn, Sim Singh, a renowned Punjabi rapper-producer, opened up about his successful hit single “Addiction” and his journey as an artist. Singh discussed his expectations for the song and his collaborative team efforts in bringing the project to completion. He also shared his insights on the evolving perception of retro-style Punjabi pop and how it is becoming popular with the youth. Singh expressed his passion for exploring diverse musical genres and his upcoming projects, including his new single “DESIRE.”

Excerpt from the interview:


Your latest pop song ‘Addiction’ made a hit. What would you like to say about that? Were you expecting this song to blow up like this?

As an artist, I like to give my 100% to every project that I work on regardless it be a single or a collaboration with another artist. But if you ask me personally, I did expect a good response from the audience because I saw potential in this song personally. However, to get this big so quickly I did not expect that at all. I had a feeling that this particular song would help me get established as an artist but for so many people of different ages and groups to like and show support for my song was an unexpected result that gives me a great sense of accomplishment.

Tell us more about the team. How did you come up with the idea of ‘Addiction’?

The team consists of my family and close friends. My younger brother Jay Singh, my close friend Ben Ford and I worked on the music composition. Another one of my close friends Jehan Aurangzeb is a lyricist that has done multiple projects with me previously and helped write the lyrics for “Addiction” as well. It was definitely a team effort to get this project completed from start to finish. It took many hours and many meetings to finalize and finish the song. There were many times when we had to change up the composition, rerecord the vocals, rearrange the whole track, rethink the sounds we were using, and mix and master. So, it took a good amount of time and we all came to an agreement as a team that it was finally complete.

As far as the idea of addiction goes it was a tune in my head that I started humming while the team was jamming out and we started to build around it. First, I put some basic lyrics to the tune which were later adjusted by Jehan and myself. Jay and Ben started building the composition as I started humming other ideas and tunes. Next thing you know we had a starter blueprint for the idea which came together later on as we spent more time together working on building on the ideas, we all gathered together.

You have been a fan of retro-style Punjabi pop; how do people perceive the genre?

I feel that the genre itself has been around since the 80s and 90s and a lot of it is from the golden age of music which involved a lot of synthesizer music a very old-school techno vibe you can say. The genre is getting popular with the youth nowadays as more artists are starting to incorporate ideas in their projects and songs. Take the Weeknd or AP Dhillon for example their music has a lot of those retro pop style elements that were used in older music and they have made some die-hard fans for themselves by creating and using this genre to their artistic advantage. So, I will say there is still some growth that will be seen within this genre as we move towards a more technological life with music becoming more digital in the sense of being created by more electronic sounds rather than traditional instruments. I think it is the perfect time for artists to play and utilize this genre in their creations.

Tell us more about your journey as a pop artist.

Honestly, I don’t want to consider myself as an artist stuck to one genre. Although Addiction is a song, I have gotten a lot of recognition for, I do not want that to overlook my past projects where I have been part of many different genres. My growth as an artist has led me to do more pop at the time but that doesn’t mean I won’t explore other opportunities. I did start my journey as an artist who was more interested in rap than anything else but over the years I have grown to enjoy experimenting with singing as well. I will say when I first got into music, I was completely un-preprepared for the commitment it takes to be an artist. I did not know where to begin ad where to end, it took me years of experimenting to figure out what I liked and what I didn’t. As I recorded more projects, I realized I liked singing as much as rapping. In recent years Is when I started exploring the pop style of music in my projects and it turned out it was something that gave my music a vibe that fit my style more. Although I would like to rap more on my songs, I do feel like pop at the moment is a good stage for me to perform on.

You have given some amazing music in recent times; please tell us more about your upcoming projects.

I have a lot of projects on the way for sure that I have been working on behind the scenes. Various types of genres and music are in the pipeline that I am excited to share with my fans and the world. The next big song that I will be releasing that has been in work for some time now is called “DESIRE”. This song will showcase a little bit of my rapping and singing style that I enjoy. I have another song called “Love in Vain” that is a bit more on the slow side that showcases a different side of my singing as well. Together I have a lot of different music that I will be releasing this year but for now, it is just one project at a time. Maybe I will drop an album soon but let’s see how things go.