Exclusive: Surya Sharma AKA Rinku Paaji From Undekhi says, It Is Time To Show My Work To The World!

In an exclusive interview with Surya Sharma, he opened up about his role as Rinku Paaji in Undekhi. He even talked about his future plans. Read to know more!

Surya Sharma, the unstoppable force and a budding talent of the industry is here. Right from Veere Di Wedding to Hostages, he has delivered breathtaking performances. Currently, he is the talk of the town because of his character Rinku Paaji in the thriller series Undekhi. Produced by Applause Entertainment, the series was released on July 10, on the OTT platform, Sony LIV.

We got into an exclusive conversation with the actor and he spoke at length about a lot many things that pertain to him on a personal level. We were very interested in the juxtaposition of his personal life with the character he played in Undekhi. More so, because it was so real, that a differentiation was almost impossible. However, Surya admitted that he is poles apart from the character of Rinku.

Quipped he, “there is no such aggression out here. I am opposite of Rinku Paaji in real life. I am very particular about right and wrong. I don’t really work well with the wrong. If I see something wrong, I won’t tolerate it. Also, I am far from being aggressive, I am a cold headed person. Most of the things can be easily sorted with a cold and calm mind. I don’t believe in approaching a situation with anger, it usually spoils everything in a long run.”

The actor further went on to talk about his future plans, he said, “I recently signed up for three upcoming projects. I have one movie and two web-series. Currently, I have no idea about the plot for them but I am sure there will be three different kinds of Surya that I will have to work on.”

The actor who is pretty pepped about it all asserts, he is going to stop at nothing, “Now, that I have reached at this point I don’t think I will stop myself from showing my work to the world. All I can say is I am thankful for my fans who supported me throughout the journey. This is just the beginning,” he concluded.

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